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A Closer Look at the C Style: C Style contributors offer precision and practical solutions to their teams.

With a strong focus on Accuracy in everything they do to ensure high-quality outcomes, C style folks are willing to do whatever it takes to get things right. They refuse to settle for sloppy work, instead devoting time to develop superior systems that help them analyze things carefully in order to make logical decisions based on objective facts.

People with the C style tend to be self-controlled and cautious, preferring predictable work environments where chaos and uncertainty won’t threaten the quality of their work. Skeptical of risky ideas and of making decisions quickly, they focus on maintaining Stability to produce consistent results.

Logical and methodical, they are often the skeptical voice in the group willing to Challenge people to look at things more carefully, to point out problems and flaws—all in the interest of getting things right. Their tendency for doing in-depth analysis of projects and ideas means that they probably prefer to work alone, although contributing to a team gives them the chance to give advice and share knowledge and expertise.

The slogan for those folks might be "GET IT RIGHT"


C style contributors’ drive for accuracy is essential to the success of any team or department or organization. With their systematic and objective approach to work, the standards they create and champion can surely help bring about efficient and high-quality outcomes. However, as they strive for precision—we might even say perfection—they may be particularly hard on themselves for being wrong and can be seen by others as a roadblock to progress.

Unlike their i style team mates who tend to act quickly and make gut-instinct decisions, cautious and highly analytical C style people may experience “analysis-paralysis” and find subtle ways to show their annoyance or anger when they think logic and facts are being ignored. Similarly, when working with dominant D style colleagues, they may find it extremely challenging to accommodate their fast-paced, action-oriented focus on achieving goals quickly and forcefully.

Different people—and different styles—find different aspects of their work motivating. What’s more, it’s important to remember that Everything DiSC is not about changing who an individual is. The power of this assessment tool lies in its ability to help people see their strengths and motivators, to identify situations that really stress them out, and to suggest some very specific strategies for overcoming the inevitable challenges we all face when working with others to get things done. 

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