DISC for Couples

Over the years many personality and communication assessments have been used in couples coaching and marital therapy to help couples understand each other better.  Today, we have an alternative  personality and communication assessment that many coaches prefer, a DISC profile.  At Coaching for Physicians we use the DiSC  Profile®.  DiSC is a personality assessment that helps you build more effective relationships based on an understanding of different behavioral styles. It provides a wealth of information and a comprehensive report along with a comparison report for both partners.  This can allow you to modify or tailor your communication to avoid misunderstandings.  

Marital difficulties often increase career dissatisfaction and burnout which in turn can lead to depression, anxiety and excessive use of alcohol or other drugs. So any tool that can help couples improve communication and increase self-awareness is worth using. The DiSC style assessment is quick to administer and scientifically proven. At Coaching for Physicians and DISC4Healthcare, we routinely use the EverythingDiSC®  Profile with Comparison Reports when working with couples.

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